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2015 Thunderbolt Ski Race

We are very excited to see that the conditions for the Thunderbolt Ski Race are looking prime, with nice snow ...(read more)

2015 Blizzard

     Folksingers  Dan and Faith Senie    ...(read more)

Chris Kilfoyle Presenting at the 350-MA Berkshire Node's Monthly Meeting

Wednesday this week, January 21st  Chris Derby Kilfoyle of BPVS will present:

An overview of the ...(read more)
Richie Doucette(2015-01-19)

Featured System:

Hatfield Printing Featured System

Christopher Smith, owner of Hatfield Printing and Publishing Co. in Hatfield MA recently sent us his spreadsheet showing the last eight-years of solar  kWh production totals for his  18 kW PV system installed in 2006. He noted his worst years of production 2011 and 2014 were consistent with our original production estimate made in 2006. Over the eight years, the system has produced 173,997 kWh, which is 21,750 kWh per year on average! This level of production efficiency (1208 kWh/kW/year) is slightly higher than we continue to model for our customer proposals (1167 kWh/kW/year on average) based on monthly reports from 12 long term customers. See our Clean Energy Stats here:  http://www.bpvs.com/stats.php.  We strive for an accurate forecast of system performance when quoting systems, so customers like Hatfield Printing know what they can count on, and are pleased when they do better.  We also realistically model financials for future electricity costs and SREC valuation. Discerning customers appreciate that level of certainty.

            Christopher Smith is a founding member of the Massachusetts Solar Owners Association, and the current Chair of the Board of Directors.   The Massachusetts Solar Owners Association (MASOA) believes that solar energy installations are desirable and necessary to achieve clean renewable energy independence and that they are a vital component of the solution for climate change. Their purpose is to educate current and future solar owners through unbiased information so as to maximize their investment and to advocate for their interests at the state level.  MASOA is an important voice in current net metering policy debates and we urge solar supporters to join.

Find more about MASOA here: http://masoa.org/

Our customers understand: "Photovoltaics (PV) is a signature technology for the post industrial age, there are no moving parts except those infinitesimals; photons and electrons moving at light speed. In contrast to many electric generation technologies, there is no combustion, no need to contain pressure. No noise, no dynamic vibrations, no lubrication or adjustments are needed. The fuel is abundant and free, there is no waste. With PV's technical sensibility, progressive cultural and ecological benefits attach and together define sustainability. Our customers are clean energy consumers and generators." -Christopher Derby Kilfoyle ©BPVS 2014