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MA Solar Legislation update
Thanks to your efforts and like minded clean energy ...(read more)

Solar Net Metering Crisis in MA

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Congratulations To Richie!

Congratulations to our employee Richard Doucette for completing his PV-Entry Level Photovoltaic Certification! ...(read more)

Featured System:

Bushway System

This spring, we installed a PV array on the garage of Stephen and Phoebe Bushway in Cummington. Their clean looking 4.4 kW system will provide 85% of their annual power consumption, and is currently producing more electricity than their summertime needs. This overage results in a credit on their electricity account, which will offset higher winter usage.

Stephen has designed and constructed custom high efficiency masonry heaters for 23 years. He is the former President of the Masonry Heater Association of North America. The Bushway home, a passive solar structure boasts a beautiful masonry heater built by Stephen. This PV system is a wonderful complement to their commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

Our customers understand: "Photovoltaics (PV) is a signature technology for the post industrial age, there are no moving parts except those infinitesimals; photons and electrons moving at light speed. In contrast to many electric generation technologies, there is no combustion, no need to contain pressure. No noise, no dynamic vibrations, no lubrication or adjustments are needed. The fuel is abundant and free, there is no waste. With PV's technical sensibility, progressive cultural and ecological benefits attach and together define sustainability. Our customers are clean energy consumers and generators." -Christopher Derby Kilfoyle ©BPVS 2014